History of the CDS

Czech Diabetes Society is a professional society of the Czech Medical Association of J.E. Purkyně based in Prague. An elected committee stands at the head of the society. It has 12 members and 3 members of revision committee.

History of the society

The Czech Diabetes Society was originally founded as a society of the Czech Medical Association in 1963. The founding members were Prof. Richard Foit, MD, DrSc., Prof. Jiří Syllaba, MD, DrSc. and Ota Dub, MD. Other important members in the first years of the society were Assoc. Prof. Jan Stříteský, MD, Otakar Postránecký, MD, Assoc. Prof. Lidmila Hostomská, MD, Assoc. Prof. Bedřiška Skamenová, MD and Růžena Siebrová, MD. Among the members of the society in the following years were e.g. Prof. Jaroslav Páv, MD, DrSc., Prof. MUDr. Zdeněk Svoboda, DrSc. and a number of others. Among the presidents in the CDS were:


Prof. Richard Foit, MD, DrSc.
Assoc. Prof. Jiří Roštlapil, MD, CSc.
Assoc. Prof. Miloš Středa, MD, CSc.
Prof. Jaroslav Páv, MD, DrSc.
Prof. Vladimír Bartoš, MD, DrSc.
Assoc. Prof. Jindra Perušičová, MD, CSc.
Prof. Jan Škrha, MD, DrSc.
Assoc. Prof. Milan Kvapil, MD, CSc.
Prof. Terezie Pelikánová, MD, DrSc.


Růžena Siebrová, MD.
Assoc. Prof. Miloš Středa, MD, CSc.
Assoc. Prof. Josef Kmoch, MD, CSc.
Karel Vondra, MD, DrSc.
Assoc. Prof. Jan Škrha, MD, CSc.
Assoc. Prof. Jindřiška Perušičová, MD, DrSc.
Prof. Zdeněk Rušavý, MD, PhD.

Activities of the society

At the beginning there was an effort to establish a specialized center for diabetes research in the Czech Republic. The plan has never been implemented. The CDS oriented professionally mainly on diagnostics and therapy of diabetes. Gradually, diabetology as an independent specialization developed and kept clinically a tight association with Internal Medicine.

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