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Dear colleagues, visitors of the page of PSYCHOLOGY SECTION, if you agree with the opinion that diabetes mellitus is a disorder with great demands of mental state of the affected individuals, their relatives, but also yours, you are at the right place. Mental disharmony deteriorates glycemic control and poor glycemic control does not please the individual nor us, healthcare professionals.

Psychology section was founded in 2000 thanks to an initiative of prof. Jindřiška Perušičová, MD (see  History of Psychology Section). The main objective was to provide support to patients as well as healthcare professionals in life with diabetes. Since 2007, I (assoc. prof. Silvie Lacigová, MD, PhD) am the chairman of the Psychology section and initiator of annual interdisciplinary meetings of diabetes teams with psychiatrists and psychologists. Six seminars have been organized since 2007. Their main content is also available under the link History. Information about planned or recent events is available under the link Professional Events

Apart from these annual seminars, several other events have been taking place in recent years. More and more diabetes nurses and nutritionists register for these activities as they realize the importance of communication management with chronically ill patient. It is necessary to realize that the education of the patient itself can be fertile only under the condition that the healthcare professional can comprehend the personality of the patient and choose a proper form of education for him.

One webpage of Psychology section contains information about the Project, which started a tighter cooperation with psychologists and psychiatrists in 2007. Unfortunately, economic situation still does not allow this medical specialty to become a compulsory part of at least diabetes centers.

The regular seminars may be attended by CDS members and all medical members of a diabetes team. Psychology section does not organize any board meetings and does not have a special member base. The ideas for the main conference come from active CDS members after a mutual agreement. Formation of a working group of clinical psychologists is looming from an initiative of clinical psychologists (Mgr. Jana Žmolíková, Na Homolce Hospital, Dept. of Internal Medicine, Prague). This site will refer on its activities.

Contacts on psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists from all Czech Republic, so called  „Points of support“, can be found on these web-pages of Psychology Section. These professionals are willing to help with mental health of our patients with diabetes. Unfortunately, we, diabetologists use their offer only restrictively.

We will fondly publish any information, feedback, ideas, and critiques concerning psychology - education - communication in diabetes on these web-pages. Send the information to my address (, or an address of Zdeněk Jankovec, MD, PhD (, who is himself actively involved with the seminars and is additionally the web-master of the whole CDS web-site.

Assoc. Prof. Silvie Lacigová, MD, PhD.
Diabetes Center Pilsen

Psychological care project

This project was written in 2007. It comprised of two parts:

  1. Incorporation of psychiatric (psychological, psychotherapeutic) care of patients with diabetes into the National Diabetes Program. (theoretic part)
  2. Finding (identification, labeling) of psychiatric (psychological) out-patient clinics in the Czech Republic, which would be competent and willing to provide a psychiatric (psychological, psychotherapeutic) care for patients with diabetes. (practical part)

In January 2013, the Ministry of Health supported the "National Diabetes Program 2012 – 2022” (also available on the website of CDS). This renewed program originated from creditable cooperation of the whole CDS committee. In contains 9 appendices, bur none is devoted specifically to Psychological treatment, even though the appendix concerning Education is indirectly touching the topic. The role of a psychologist in diabetes team is very important and justifiable, unfortunately, owing to the economic situation of the healthcare, his task remains in the form of a hosting consultant.

The second part of the project, i.e. establishment of the "Points of support" was completed. (see the Points of support link).

History of the Psychology in diabetology 2000-2007

prof. J. Perušičová, MD, DrSc.

In October 2000, a working group of 7 members called "Psychological Aspects in Diabetes" was spontaneously established. The group decided to pay attention to this topic as a part of diabetes care in the Czech Republic. Consequently, a section "PSYCHOLOGY IN DIABETOLOGY" by the Czech Diabetes Society was formed. A total of 64 diabetologists, 2 psychologists and 1 psychiatrist joined the section.

The members of the section met on the foundation meeting in Hradec Králové on the 7th of June 2002 and elected:

In short I would like to remind the most important events as a summary of past activity:

  1. Organization of an independent research project "Education and treatment of patients with diabetes type 2 in the eyes of the treated individuals "
  2. Presentation of pilot results of the research in Luhačovice 2001
  3. Lecturing (Poděbrady 2002, Třeboň 2002 and 2005, Ostrava 2003, České Budějovice 2002)
  4. Organization of  "Bálint weekends" in Prague on the following dates:
    • 13.-14. September 2002
    • 21.-22. March 2003
    • 26.-27. September 2003
    • 2.-3. April 2004
    • 21.-22. January 2005
  5. Bálint seminars in Poděbrady 2002, in Karlovy Vary 2003
  6. Organization of a two-day symposium "Depression and Therapeutic Education" - May 2005, Prague

History of the Psychology section since 2007

Assoc. Prof. Silvie Lacigová, MD, PhD (chairman of the section)

A new project regarding psychological care, attempting to continue in enforcing the cooperation of diabetes teams with psychiatrists and psychologists, started a new époque. The Points of support were established (see link) and the involved physicians are willing to help with mental problems of our patients with diabetes. The thus far discussed topics are presented below.

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